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Our company’s forehead thermometer has the following characteristics::Efficient and safe,Results in 1 second,Simple and convenient operation,Fast and accurate,Have medical qualifications,For products that beat COVID-19.Welcome to inquire and purchase.

Technical specifications

  • Working environment: ambient temperature 16 ℃ -35 ℃, relative humidity: ≤85%
  • Storage and transportation: -20 ℃ ± 55 ℃, relative humidity: ≤93% atmospheric pressure difference: 90kPa-106 kPa
  • Memory function: automatic memory of 50 groups of data
  • Automatic shutdown: ≤18s
  • Product weight: 86g (excluding battery)
  • Power supply voltage: DC3V

Product Features

  1. Efficient and safe
  2. Results in 1 second
  3. Simple and convenient operation
  4. Fast and accurate
  5. Have medical qualifications
  6. For products that beat COVID-19


Application scenario



16 Mar, 2020

US takes more big pandemic response steps

The number of COVID-19 cases in other parts of the world today topped China’s total, fueled by surges in Europe—especially in Italy—and Iran, plus outbreaks picking up steam in other nations, including the United States, where New York City today shuttered its schools and the Federal Reserve slashed its interest rate again.

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